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Gordon Ramsay FORCED to eat bull PENIS by James Corden | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Gordon Ramsay, the star of Hell’s Kitchen, was forced by James Corden to eat a bull’s penis on The Late, Late Show.

The celebrity chef battled it out with host James in a revolting game of ‘truth or eat’, a contest where each person must either answer tough questions or digest a bizarre delicacy.

Food on offer included cow’s tongue, extra hot sauce, salmon ice cream, chicken’s feet and clam juice.

Yet the most disturbing dish of them all was a bull’s testicle which Kitchen Nightmares’ star Gordon was made to eat.

But first James had to chow down the cow’s tongue after he refused to reveal the name of the product he was paid to endorse but does not use.

Immediately after he was seen spitting the meat into a silver bucket, before offering Gordon the salmon ice cream.

The restauranteur avoided the cuisine completely but had to rank three famous chefs in order from worst to best.

Later, Gordon soaked pig’s feet in chicken’s feet juice and asked James to rank his movies Peter Rabbit, Trolls and the Emoji movie from worst to best.

James confessed that his worst film was Emoji, narrowly avoiding yet another stomach-churning snack.

Upping his game, James fired back: “A lot of celebrities visit your restaurants. What celebrity would you want back?”

“He’s American,” Gordon teased, moments before he gave in and had to take a spoonful of bull’s penis, smothered in sauce.

The foul-mouthed cook looked sickened by the food and quickly spat a chunk of meat out.

James offered: ”It’s the hottest sauce we could find.”

“My nose is running…and I think my a*** is bleeding,” Gordon replied.

The game concluded with James eating grasshoppers marinated in clam juice after he failed to say whether the UK is better than the USA.

Last year, the pair played the exact same game and Gordon was left gagging after James forced him to eat a fish eye.


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