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Google Maps: Street view snowmobile captures footage of amazing snow | Travel News | Travel

Since 2005 Google Maps street view has been deploying cameras worldwide to amazing footage.

The handy tool means views can pick a destination, zoom in and explore. 

But this footage is no longer restricted to parts of the world accessible by car.

The cameras are widened there coverage to include some harder to reach places.

Google street view has ditched the cars and have upgraded to something a little faster – snowmobiles.

The special ski resort collection allows users to suss out potential ski holidays or, for those that prefer warmer climates, marvel at mountain top views.

One of the snowy destinations Google Maps has captured is the world famous Squaw Valley in California.

The beautiful valley hosted the Olympic Games in 1960.

Not all countries however. are happy to be discovered on Google Maps. 

Four years ago Austria ended a ban preventing Street View footage of the country. 

Amazing views of the Solden Ski resort, popular with skiers and racers, make visiting the area accessible to everyone.

This however, is still one of the few places visible in Austria. 

This 2018 Winter Olympics were held in Pyeongchang with only a lucky few Brits attending.

One of the most jaw dropping events, the Big Air, is another of Google Maps explorations. 

Users of the search tool can now roam, the Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre in South Korea without having to brace the jump for themselves. 

From the very top of the jump to the bottom, brace yourself for these heights.


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