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Google maps: Africa Danakil Desert called ‘hell on earth’ for this frightening reason | Travel News | Travel

Thanks to the worldwide search tool Google Maps, it is now possible to explore the globe from the safety of your bedroom.

From the every day to the bizarre, people have been caught in all manner of situations.

But it’s not just human nature that has been captured by the search tool.

It is now easier than ever to observe and explore strange and natural landscapes in far-flung areas of the world like this one.

Africa’s Danakil Desert is located in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Spotted on Google Maps, the true nature of this desert isn’t immediately obvious but the National Geographic has dubbed the wasteland as the “cruelest place on earth”.

Over 10,000 years ago this section of Africa was part of the red sea but now the landscape is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

With scorching temperatures that often reach an incredible 120 degrees, it’s no surprise the Danakil Desert has been nicknamed “Hell on earth”.

Lying underneath this hotspot is the huge Arabian tectonic plate that is pulling away from a new rift that divides the plate in half.

As a result, tremors and volcanic activity burst through the gaps that the divide has created.

The site is awash with numerous active volcanoes and geysers that emit spit toxic gasses.

However, even though this site is incredibly dangerous, thrill-seeking adventurers from around the world are drawn to the lava spitting pools.

This isn’t the only natural phenomenon that Google Maps has made accessible to the public.

The Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, also known as the “Door to Hell” is popular with tourists.

This enormous crater has burned continuously for since 1971 – almost 50 years – with scientists unable to explain why.

The area is a natural gas field full of fire, boiling mud and huge orange flames.


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