Gialuca Vacchi, the most extravagant man on the internet


The eccentric millionaire life has made Gianluca Vacchi famous, and his photographs are now being watched by over 11 million people. When he does not dance in the clips that made his fame on the internet, the man leads a life like in movies.

The 50-year-old millionaire turned all eyes on the beach in Miami, where he went alone to cool himself in the ocean waves.
The man full of muscles was admired by all the women, but also by the men, who stopped him from asking for his autographs. Gianluca Vacchi has appeared in a pair of sports pants and a pink, tattered and unbuttoned T-shirt that has left her a lot of tattoos.

Gianluca took off his clothes and stayed in his favorite, white, and very cut slip.
The millionaire often portrays his superstructured body and does not bother to post pictures from the beach.



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