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Fortnite Special Event update from Epic Games for PS4, Xbox One and PC | Gaming | Entertainment

The development team have been trying out kinds of new gameplay modes for their latest Battle Royale hit.

And the latest Fortnite Special Event has just been teased.

Coming soon, Epic Games will be releasing a new Teams of 20 playlist for fans to check out.

The gameplay hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s expected to include five teams of 20 players taking on each other via the usual Battle Royale rules.

Much like we have seen in the past, this will be a limited-time event, meaning fans will only have so long to play it.

As mentioned above, the new Fortnite event has not been given a release date, although it seems likely something will arrive later this month.

There are hopes that this new mode will be launched later this week with the game’s latest update.


If this proves true, Fortnite players could be trying out the new gameplay on March 8, around midday in the UK.

That’s when Epic Games like to have their latest content online by, although fans will have to wait and see what’s included in the upcoming patch.

New data mining evidence suggests that Epic Games have been working on several projects, some of which could make their debut this month.

Fortnite players will soon be getting the new Jetpack item, which is heading to Battle Royale in an upcoming update.

Fans are hoping it gets released this week on the typical Fortnite update day of Thursday.

Ahead of the Fortnite jetpack release, fans have been given more details about what to expect from the item.


Dataminers have been looking closely at the files found within Fortnite patch V.3.1.0.

And they have speculated on a number of things the jetpack could bring to the table in Fortnite.

They claimed that the Fortnite jetpack will use fuel, and is not something that can be used indefinitely.

They said it will require refuelling to continue using it – however, the way it gets refuelled is unclear.

Fortnite players may need to pick up a certain item to recharge the jetpack or it may regenerate over time.

Game files found within Fortnite’s latest update also suggest that the jetpack will have a hover mode, which presumably will help it use less fuel.

It’s also been claimed that the Fortnite jetpack will be the main item in an upcoming Limited Time Mode called Take To The Skies.


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