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Flight secrets: This is the most annoying thing passengers do | Travel News | Travel

Whether on a long or short haul flight, your flight attendants have the potential to make your flight better, just like a waiter can improve your meal out.

With limited space on board, there is no hiding from an angry flight attendant and don’t bother expecting your tea how you like it if you’ve been rude.

In a conversation with Newshub Travel, a flight attendant has revealed the ways you can keep them happy throughout the flight.

One tip in particular that makes their job easier, will surprise you.

The most obvious piece of advice is also the easiest. Be nice.

The crew are there to serve you but they are not under your command. Sometimes a smile is all it takes.

Do you know what the cabin crew do during a flight? They are under constant pressure to make sure the flight leaves on time.

Faffing with your bags in the aisle will only hold everybody up. Researching the baggage guidelines prior to your flight with help this process run smoothly.

When food is being served, listen to your neighbours if you wish to order the same thing, speak up and prevent your attendant having to make the same journey twice.

It sounds like a simple question, “would you like tea or coffee?”, but this question requires more than a yes or no answer.

Don’t presume the attendant knows how you like your drink.

When asked tea or coffee, the answer should be either “no thank you” or “tea with milk and two sugars please”.

You may think you are being a helpful passenger by staking up your trays after eating but surprisingly, this is something that annoys the cabin staff the most.

The anonymous flight attendant explained why: “Like everything on an aircraft, space is at a premium and the meal trays will only go back into the cart the exact same way in which they came out.”

As well as the extra work required to unstack your tray, this means they also have to handle your half eaten food.

During a long-haul flight, it is perfectly acceptable to get up and stretch your legs but refrain from using the aisle as your personable exercise matt. Save the lunges and downward facing dog for your intended destination.


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