Donna Karan “has just destroyed her brand.” The fashion designer defends Harvey Weinstein


Donna Karan “has just destroyed her brand” – is the assertion made by a consultant after the fashion designer made several claims in which she defended Harvey Weinstein, the producer accused of sexing more women. She later apologized, but the consequences were still there.

American fashion designer Donna Karan (69) shocked public opinion after defending Harvey Weinstein’s film producer, which many women accuse of sexual harassment. She suggested that it was possible for the victims to have provoked him through behavior and fashion style.

“I think we should look at ourselves. Obviously, it is difficult to see that this happens, but at the same time I wonder how we present ourselves as women? What do we ask for? Do we ask such things to show us in a sensual manner and display our sexuality? (…) You look at everything that is happening all over the world and how women dress and what they ask in the way they are presented. What do you want? Problems, “said Donna Karan, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Reactions have not been expected too long. TV presenters Megyn Kelly and actresses Mia Farrow as well as Rose McGowen, the first to reveal the harms committed by Harvey Weinstein, announced they would no longer buy Donna Karan products. At the same time, over 8,000 people signed a petition to ask Nordstrom to stop selling DKNY products.

In addition, the shares of Donna Karan International have dropped almost 10 percent from last week, notes The Washington Post.

“It was a terrible mistake. The general opinion is that it has just destroyed its brand, “said a researcher at Retail Systems Research.

Later, Donna Karan returned with a communiqué in which she apologized and said the statements had been taken out of context.

“Unfortunately, I made a statement that is not representative of how I feel and believe. I spent my whole life fighting for women’s rights. My life has been dedicated to women’s clothing, I have been attentive to women’s needs and fought for gender equality. My statements have been removed from the context and are not what I feel about the situation of Harvey Weinstein. I am of the opinion that sexual harassment is unacceptable and is a matter to be addressed openly, regardless of the person involved. I am very sorry and I apologize to all those I offended and to all those who were at one time victims, “she conveyed the fashion creator. The company that owns Donna Karan International did not comment on the subject.



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