Disabled great-granddad finds poison pen letter branding him a ‘tw**’ on his car at Tesco after he parked over two spaces when all disabled bays were taken


A DISABLED great-granddad was targeted with a poison pen letter calling him a ‘t***’ after he was forced to park across two spaces at Tesco.

Wheelchair-bound Michael Palmer found all the disabled spaces were taken when he visited his local store in Holbeach, Lincs, and took two bays so he could get out of his car.

 The offensive note was plastered on Michael Palmer's windscreen

The offensive note was plastered on Michael Palmer’s windscreen

But the 65-year-old was left disgusted when he returned to find the expletive-laden note and a picture of a penis and a pair of testicles on his car windscreen.

The note plastered on his Rover 75 estate read: “Park in 1 f****** space not 2 you t***”.

Mr Palmer’s blue badge was on display in the car at the time.

He suffers from spinal stenosis and his spine could snap at any moment due to the degenerative condition.

He said: “I was disgusted when I saw the note – for someone to leave that on my car especially as I had my blue badge on which I always have is just unbelievable.

“If I hadn’t had my blue badge you can understand getting irate but I did.

 The note also featured an explicit doodle

The note also featured an explicit doodle
 Mr Palmer, pictured with his wife Patricia, had his blue badge on display

Mercury Press
Mr Palmer, pictured with his wife Patricia, had his blue badge on display

“Disabled people already get quite a lot of abuse for being allowed to stop temporarily on double yellow lines but this is something else.

“I would rather people speak to me rather than leave notes like that. I’m pretty easy going but what if they’d left the note on someone else’s windscreen who would get really upset? It’s not right.”

The great grandad claims he arrived with wife Patricia at 10.30am on Tuesday and he was in the store with retired shop worker wife Patricia for 15 minutes.

Michael said: “All the disabled bays were taken and so were all the parent and child spaces.

“My wife pointed out two spaces together which would mean I could open my door wide enough without bashing other people’s paintwork to get out.

“I hobbled out and got a trolley and we got a few bits – we were in the store for 15 minutes, if that.

 The incident took place outside Tesco in Holbeach, Lincolnshire

Mercury Press
The incident took place outside Tesco in Holbeach, Lincolnshire

Michael fell from a roof while at work 47 years ago and slammed into a concrete floor which left him paralysed from the waist down for six months.

It left him with the ‘mother of all backaches’ ever since and believes has contributed to the degenerative changes in the lumbar spine with spinal stenosis – which is calcifying his spinal cord and makes walking difficult.

Michael said: “My legs are like jelly – it’s like I’m a cross between someone who’s had an accident in their underwear and someone who’s drunk.

“Walking puts pressure on your spine which means it’s very painful – it’s my old injuries catching up with me.

“My spine will eventually snap – there’s nothing they can do. It just depends how fast the calcification is.”

Tesco has been approached for comment.

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