Did Russian ‘cannibal couple’ use a hunky male honey trap named Angel to lure young women to their deaths?


Natalia Baksheeva, 42, is reported to have confessed to state investigators that she and husband Dmitry killed up to 30 women including some lured through lonely hearts websites.

The couple have since denied this to human rights visitors to their cells, but admit to killing and dismembering a waitress.

Sidorov’s lawyer Alexey Avanesyan disclosed shocking details of his client’s interrogation by six investigators, giving a revealing insight into how police view the gruesome case.

They suspect “Angel searched for victims on dating websites and later passed them to Devil (Dmitry) for massacre,” it was reported.

“They tried to force him to say that he was involved in the murder,” said the lawyer, denying Sidorov was in any way involved.

“The criminal psychologist asked him: “What’s your nickname? Angel, is that true?’

“‘Yes,’ said Sidorov.

“‘I see, so we have an Angel and a Devil, you were in this together,'”said the psychologist.

“Then they said; ‘You are a handsome guy, you must have found those girls for Dmitry, raped them and later you killed them and utilised the bodies?’



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