Cheap finance deals convincing Brits to spend £1,000 a year more than they can afford on new car payments


BRITS are spending £1,000 more a year than they can afford on new cars, according to a new study.

Cheap finance deals are convincing drivers to stretch budgets and monthly payments beyond what they should.

 Brits are signing up for deals they can't afford

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Brits are signing up for deals they can’t afford

Research by leasing company Cars on Demand found British buyers are spending 28 per cent of their salary on cars.

But really they should only budget between 20-25 per cent of annual incomes on a motor.

It means motorists can’t afford to pay for unexpected repairs without loading up credit cards or taking out bank loans.

Cars on Demand said drivers are being lured in by the sales patter of dealers as well as gadgets like Bluetooth.

And the chronic overspending on cars is causing a debt crisis.

According to the data, drivers in Northern Ireland are the worst with 39 per cent of income ploughed into new cars – £3,429 extra a year.

 Map shows where drivers spend more they should on new cars

Map shows where drivers spend more they should on new cars

By comparison, buyers in the West Midlands are the most budget conscious spending £38 less on cars than they can – the only budget conscious region.

Even more worrying is that drivers spend just 45 minutes deciding how to finance a brand new car – despite the fact it’ll cost you thousands over several years.

It’s the latest warning raised about car finance with many experts predicting a huge mis-selling scandal on the horizon.

An exclusive investigation by The Sun found salesman were flogging flashy motors to ‘jobless’ punters and telling them to lie to get credit.

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And cars worth £20,000 are offered without deposits with buyers locked into monthly payments for up to four years.

Paul Brown, MD of Cars on Demand, said: “A car is clearly a very personal purchase and it’s interesting to see how much more we’re willing to spend on a new one.

“It’s one of the biggest purchases we’ll make, so it’s perhaps no wonder we want to invest in a good one.”

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