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There’s all kinds of contraception choices available on the market that serve individuals nicely of their try to forestall being pregnant, however some really feel assured that having intercourse whereas a girl has her interval is a surefire approach to keep away from any accidents.

Sadly, that’s not as fool-proof as you would possibly imagine.

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“In fact we all know you possibly can’t get pregnant if you’re in your interval, however there are a lot of ifs there,” says Dr. Stephen Im, a gynaecologist and assistant professor on the College of Toronto. “In case your interval is common, try to be high quality, however in girls who’ve an irregular cycle, there’s a risk you can get pregnant.”

An everyday cycle is wherever from 28 to 30 days or longer, however some girls have a shorter cycle (wherever from 21 to 24 days), which implies ovulation happens earlier. Due to this fact, if a girl has intercourse towards the top of her interval and ovulation naturally happens 4 or 5 days later, she may conceivably get pregnant when you think about that sperm can stay as much as 5 days.

“Your interval could also be irregular, however ovulation is at all times two weeks earlier than your subsequent interval and also you ovulate for 2 days, so you must calculate for that,” Im says.

The opposite risk is that you can have bleeding that doesn’t pertain to your menstrual cycle that might encourage you to have unprotected intercourse at a time if you’re really fertile. Breakthrough bleeding can happen across the time of ovulation, main some girls to imagine they’ve their interval.

Having intercourse instantly after your interval can also be a dangerous time. That’s as a result of a girl’s reproductive hormones — progesterone and estrogen — begin to climb once more in direction of the top of the menstrual interval to assist rebuild the uterine lining. Though there aren’t any eggs launched throughout this part, sperm can stay as much as 5 days in a hospitable cervical lining. If the sperm does occur to fertilize an egg that’s inside its 24-hour expiration interval, bolstered by the elevated hormones, there’s a larger likelihood of being pregnant.

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“One examine confirmed that individuals who had intercourse just one time throughout this part nonetheless received pregnant,” Dr. Steven R. Bayer, a Boston-based reproductive endocrinologist, mentioned to Dad and mom.

The most effective time to have unprotected intercourse with out danger of being pregnant

The time through which being pregnant is the least probably is simply earlier than your interval. For a lady with a daily cycle (28 to 30 days), ovulation wouldn’t happen till roughly 14 days after menstruation. Contemplating an egg is just accessible for as much as 24 hours, that leaves loads of secure days after ovulation.

Usually, if you already know if you’ve ovulated, try to be secure to have intercourse with out getting pregnant inside 36 to 48 hours after ovulating. And the longer you wait after ovulation, the higher your probabilities of avoiding being pregnant.

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