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Boarding pass sequence code meaning revealed | Travel News | Travel

Boarding passes have many numbers and codes on them that can confuse passengers.

With flight details often hidden within them, it is advised that travellers shouldn’t post pictures of their boarding pass online in case they are used in scamming techniques.

Just the name and flight number can be used by nefarious online users to get into the fliers details.

A certain code on it has been revealed by Globe Hunters to explain something many may not realise when checking in.

Something called the sequence or written as SEQ can be found on the bottom of the boarding pass.

This informs passengers when they boarded compared to other people on their plane.

The website states: “This is the order in which you checked into your flight.

“So if your sequence number is 066 that means you were the 66th person to check in.”

Other bits of information that can be found on the boarding pass include the flight number, seat, boarding gate and destination.

A code that can also be found on a boarding pass is SSSS, but is not something passengers want to see on theirs.

It stands for “Secondary Security Screening Selection”, according to website Life Hacker.

This means that the holder of the ticket may need to have additional security checks when travelling through the airport after their name has been flagged up.

When booking a flight, it is also advised against using a middle name when buying a ticket.

This can cause more scope for error when inputting the name which can then be an expensive mistake to fix.

As long as the first and last name are included then this is still acceptable as long as it matches the passport holder’s name.

Name change fees can often be as steep as £60 each way.


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