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People are piercing their finger instead of wearing an engagement ring and it has experts concerned

Wearing a ring to indicate betrothal to another person is a tradition that dates back centuries — although the tradition of gifting a diamond wasn’t cemented into the public psyche until 1947. And while it remains the norm today, some people are putting their own twist on the tradition and …

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Raspberry Pi: e-paper pocket money tracker using Monzo pots

Jason Barnett used the pots feature of the Monzo banking API to create a simple e-paper display so that his kids can keep track of their pocket money. Monzo For those outside the UK: Monzo is a smartphone-based bank that allows costumers to manage their money and payment cards via an …

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Visions of Dystopia | Arab News

As Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” hits GCC cinemas this week, Arab News has selected six of the best and bleakest portrayals of earth’s future that filmmakers have created so far. A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick’s darkly comic, deeply disturbing dystopian crime flick tells the story of charismatic, “ultra-violent” gang …

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Mum’s the word | GulfNews.com

Mum. That’s the sweetest word in the world. While mums should be celebrated every day, this special day gives us an opportunity to express our love to God’s most beautiful creation — Mother. There are many ways to do that including buying them flowers, chocolates or clothes, or taking them …

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