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Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore

MIAMI: After photographer Monni Must’s 28-year-old daughter Miya committed suicide while in the midst of an abusive relationship, the grieving mother adopted Miya’s spunky black Labrador, Billy Bean. Last year, as the 10th anniversary of her daughter’s death approached, the dog was nearing 13 and becoming increasingly frail. “I knew …

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Cybersecurity in self-driving cars: U-M releases threat identification tool

Instead of taking you home from work, your self-driving car delivers you to a desolate road, where it pulls off on the shoulder and stops. You call your vehicle to pick you up from a store and instead you get a text message: Send $100 worth of Bitcoin to this …

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UNB study to use virtual reality to find real solution to phantom pain

Imagine losing a limb. Now imagine suffering from pain that feels like it’s coming from the limb that is no longer there. That’s the case for up to 70 per cent of amputees. Researchers at the University of New Brunswick are trying to determine whether the use of virtual reality …

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