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Arthritis symptoms – FOUR quick and easy exercises to stop your joint pain

  • Arthritis pain could be eased by doing regular exercise
  • Try deep belly breathing to relax stiffness
  • Marching on the spot could strengthen hip muscles
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet could also relieve symptoms

Arthritis is a common condition that affects people of all ages, according to the NHS.

Symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, inflammation, and general weakness.

Being active can help to reduce and prevent pain.

These four quick and easy exercises could help to prevent joint stiffness.

“If your arthritis is painful, you may not feel like exercising,” the NHS said.

“Regular exercise can improve your range of movement and joint mobility, increase muscle strength and reduce stiffness.

“As long as you do the right type and level of exercise for your condition, your arthritis won’t get any worse.

“Combined with a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise will help you lose weight and place less strain on your joints.”

To relax and relieve muscle pain or stiffness, complete diaphragmatic breathing – or deep, belly breathing – for between 30 to 60 seconds, said the Arthritis Foundation.

Alternatively, if you have painful knee joints, try seated straight leg raises for 30 seconds.

Marching on the spot for between 30 and 60 seconds could strengthen hip and thigh muscles, the foundation said.

You could improve your upper body range of motion by “moving your arms on a table top as if you’re doing the breast stroke”, the Arthritis Foundation said. “Continue for 60 seconds.”

Eating a healthy, balanced diet could help to relieve arthritis pain, the NHS said.

If you’re overweight, losing weight could help to reduce your pain.

Too much weight puts extra pressure on the joints in your hips, knees, ankles and feet.

See a GP if you’re worried about the symptoms of arthritis.


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