Apprentice winner Alana Spencer calls for 24/7 cameras to expose bitching, backstabbing and romances


APPRENTICE winner Alana Spencer wants to expose the bitching and backstabbing backstage by making Lord Sugar’s show more like Big Brother – with 24/7 filming inside the house.

She says candidates plotting to trash talk – or even bed-hop after hours – have to get past a production team living inside the London mansion – but “they can only watch you for so long”.

 Alana Spencer, winner of The Apprentice 2016, launching Ridiculously Rich with business partner Lord Sugar

Alana Spencer, winner of The Apprentice 2016, launching Ridiculously Rich with business partner Lord Sugar
 The pair toasted champagne after Alana was announced as the series 12 champion

PA:Press Association
The pair toasted champagne after Alana was announced as the series 12 champion

Dishing the dirt on what goes on when the cameras stop rolling, last year’s champion spoke exclusively to The Sun Online as the new series kicked off last night – with 18 new cocky candidates battling it out to win £250,000.

Alana said: “There is a lot of game-playing in the house that you don’t see.

“It’s meant to all come out on camera, but obviously when everyone goes to bed they can only watch you for so long.

“They should do a ‘what does on inside the house’ show. You would see the true side of people. There are a lot of people who are very good at hiding themselves, but make it 24/7 and it’s more difficult for them to be fake.

 Alana thinks Lord Sugar's Apprentice should film 24/7 like Channel 5's Big Brother presented by Emma Willis

Alana thinks Lord Sugar’s Apprentice should film 24/7 like Channel 5’s Big Brother presented by Emma Willis

“I won’t name names, but people fought for allies in there. They would chat to their allies in the house about tactics.

“That’s never going to go very well in there because you’ve just got to rely on your business acumen.”

The blonde baker, who impressed Lord Sugar with her business Ridiculously Rich by Alana, appeared in last night’s show to inspire the latest faces to enter the boardroom.

Hinting that the show is set up, Alana said: “The Apprentice is very much a set cast. You’ve always got certain characters in there mixed with seven or eight credible business people.

If I know something’s a good idea I’m going to push it through. It is much better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Be a bit cheeky in life.

Alana Spencer’s catchphrase on The Apprentice

“It will be interesting to see watching it who relates from my year to this year, and who they’ve cast in those roles.

“When my series was going out someone said although it’s a business show, it’s also a comedy. Once you’ve realised that it all makes a bit more sense.

“When it was my audition I remember being really egged on to come up with a line. I gave something really awful in the end, which really didn’t paint me in the best light.

“At that point you’re at the audition stage and you just really want in so you’ll say anything and make yourself sound like a really tool.

Alana reveals what were the worst things about being on The Apprentice

  • GETTING THE COLD SHOULDER: There was only enough hot water for two showers.
  • BEING GRUMPY: Tiredness does funny things to you. You are kept up longer than you would be in your normal working life. Sometimes you’d get up at 3am and not finish until 10pm.
  • LACK OF PERSONAL SPACE: We were quite crammed in the house. There were four bedrooms – two for girls and two for boys.
  • HOUSE-SHARING: Someone really had a go at me for not washing up properly. There was just a speck on a plate and I got a real telling off. I’ve never been to univeristy or done a shared house with anyone, I’ve just developed my business and then lived my boyfriend so I’ve never lived with as many people as that so it was very out of my comfort zone.
  • COCKY COMPETITION: I didn’t really come out of myself for the first five weeks. I only spoke to the girls for the first few weeks because I was so intimidated.
  • HURTFUL INSULTS: I’m sensitive. I take things to heart that others wouldn’t. I have developed a thick skin now, because The Apprentice helped me to believe in myself more and not take anything to heart.

“The new candidates will be bricking it about the edit. There’s a lot of footage but not everything can be shown. It’s always a true portrayal though.”

Rumours of romantic flings inside the house have been rife over the show’s 13-year history.

But the 25-year-old entrepreneur, who lives with her boyfriend in Aberystwyth, proved staying out of any love triangles helped her soar to success.

She said: “I can see why feelings develop in there because you are locked away from everything you know. These people become your support network as well as your enemies. The people who know what you’re going through.”

 The 13th series of the BBC show kicked off last night with 18 candidates fighting it out to be Lord Sugar's business partner

The 13th series of the BBC show kicked off last night with 18 candidates fighting it out to be Lord Sugar’s business partner

She now meets Lord Sugar on a monthly basis to talk to her business partner about plans for the future.

Alana said: “I’ve got a good working relationship with Lord Sugar, but I still don’t particularly know him. He’s hard to read.

“I wouldn’t say we have had any banter.

“I still get so nervous around him, but he’s helped me and incredible amount.”

One to watch: Alana says Michaela Wain looks like she could go far in the competition

SAVVY entrepreneur Michaela Wain is a 33-year-old from Bolton.

She owns her own business in construction and on a day-to-day basis works on the operations of a construction magazine, alongside her role at several other companies in the building sector.

She claims to be very easy-going and said she always tries to see the positive in all situations, but she admitted that she can sometimes have a short fuse.

In dependant woman Michaela can’t stand when men patronise her. She said: “I have no patience for people who say stupid stuff, and I can’t cope with lazy people.”

Before adding: “In business I am like a bulldog. If you mess with me I have lockjaw.”

But according to The Sunday People, the hopeful is in more than £100,000 worth of debt with the tax man following a collapsed business venture.

WHAT ALANA SAYS: “From looking into their backgrounds, Michaela looks like one to watch. She turns over a lot of money in her current company, so proves she is already good at business.”

This year’s hopefuls will stayed in a £13million luxury Notting Hill house as they battled it out to win the show.

The stunning eight-bedroom property boasts neighbours such as Simon Cowell, Damon Albarn and Robbie Williams.

Inside the double-fronted Victorian property there are eight bedrooms, a south-facing garden, three reception rooms and a playroom.

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