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American Airline passenger strips and chases staff onto the tarmac | Travel News | Travel

The footage was filmed by a fellow passenger aboard the flight 5466 heading to Cincinnati on Monday (26 February).

In a report from Cincinnati.com, the flight was set to takeoff on from Charlotte airport when the strange behaviour of one of the passengers prevented the flight from taking off.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, a man ran off the plane, onto the tarmac of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, where he stripped off his shirt.

Brandishing a plastic signal wand, police stated the man showed signs of “erratic behaviour”.

The statement went on to add that before the man ran off the plane, he was warned he would be escorted off the flight if he continued to act out.

The footage filmed through a window on the plane shows the shirtless man run and chase the ground crew.

As they try to calm the man, he becomes more agitated and even shows signs of aggressive behaviour.

The man was eventually pinned down until police arrived on the scene.

Authorities stated that after he was eventually detained, he was taken off to hospital to have his mental state evaluated.

It has been reported that no injuries occurred and that the shirtless man was not charged.

American Airlines told Business Insider that the disruption caused the flight to takeoff 35 minutes late.

A delay that would have cost the airline dearly.

This is not the first time strange behaviour has been captured on a flight.

A woman was captured doing something very strange whilst flying.

Filmed on board a Ural Airlines plane, one woman shock passengers when she started to dry her underwear.

The women can be seen holding her knickers above her head using the air vent to dry them.


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