A kitty got stuck in a Florida woman’s bumper, then bit the person who saved it


A kitten hitched a ride in a Florida woman’s bumper on Wednesday morning, and was less than friendly to one of the people who helped the feline escape.

Penny Musick had driven from her home in Deltona to her Orlando workplace when she heard the sound of meowing in the parking lot, WFTV reported.

She noticed the sound was louder close to the back of her car, and then she found it — a kitten that rode inside the rear bumper all the way to work.

Musick tapped some coworkers for help to release the feline; her sister-in-law helped too.

They managed to free the kitten, but then it bit her sister-in-law’s hand before it took off.

“Hopefully it’s not in someone else’s bumper now,” Musick wrote on Facebook.

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But this is far from the first time that an animal has become stuck in a car as it kept on driving.

Last month, a coyote became stuck in the grille of a woman’s car after it was hit on a drive from Airdrie to Calgary.



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