6 stars who gave up the blonde for brunette


Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Shakira … these are just some dive that we can not imagine other than blondes! Thanks to them, the idea that “blondes are having a better time” has been grounded in our minds, many of us even quitting our natural hair color in favor of the platinum blonde.
Blondes have also become the most famous ocean stars who, in the desire to always surprise their audience, are not thinking when it comes to radical changes in look. Some of them really seem to have a better time since they became blonde with regular acts. Others … let’s say we look forward to returning to the roots.
6 stars who have become blond
Emilia Clarke
We start with one of the latest and unexpected look changes from the Hollywood scene! A few days ago, actress Emilia Clarke said it was time for her to get even better in the character of her character, so she became blonde! The one who plays Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones” shocked their fans when she posted a selfie in her Facebook account with her fresh hair cut and blond hair. The image quickly gathered over 2 million likes, a sign that the change of look has been to the likes of those who have been watching the episode of “Game of Thrones” for 6 years.
Photo: Instagram @emilia_clarke

Emma Stone
Also this year, La La Land actress, Emma Stone, has given up her red hair by opting for a platinum blonde who, why not admit it, catches her wonderfully! In fact, if you did not know, the natural hair color of the fancy actress is blonde, even if the redhead was consecrated at the beginning of her career.
Photo: teenvogue.com

Leighton Meester
Do you imagine the dreaded Blair Waldorf different than the shit? Neither did we, but the actress Leighton Meester managed to surprise us at the beginning of this year, when she appeared on the red carpet of the Golden Globes gown … blonde! But what most fans of the “Gossip Girl” probably did not know is that Meester is actually a natural blonde. She has painted a brunette specially for the Blair Waldorf character, at the urge of the producers who told her at the casting that it would be perfect for the role if a painting was done.
Photo: people.com

Anne Hathaway
In 2013, at the Met Gala, Anne Hathaway drew all eyes on the red carpet, not necessarily because of the gown. The actress not only had blond hair, but she had given up the length of her hair in favor of a cut pixie, one of the most popular haircuts at the time. But it did not take long for Hathaway to return to the brunette that had consecrated her.

Photo: sheknows.com

Kim Kardashian
Who does not remember the moment when Kim Kardashian became blonde overnight? It happened in 2015, when, desiring to go out on Paris Fashion Week, the voluptuous brunette cut the bob and dyed her blonde hair. But shortly after, Kim has become a brunette and swears that she will not destroy her hair with such radical changes. Well, this month the star has shocked once again with his new hair color! Yes, you guessed, Kim Kardashian is blond again and admits that she feels better and safer on her than ever. We believe it!
Photo: instagram @ kimkardashian

Few know that the sensual Shakira is actually brunette. She was blonde painted in the early 2000s, at the urging of her producers, who told her she would never become famous unless she was blonde, like her already-established colleagues, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, or Britney Spears. Said and done! Before filming the video for the hit “Whenever, Wherever”, Shakira became blonde and, coincidentally or not, soon became one of the most successful Hispanic singers!
Photo: huffingtonpost.com                           Photo: Zimbio

What do you think about these blonde stars? What’s better?



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