3 of the most beautiful modern libraries in the world


There are so many ways you can read more today, that there is no excuse to come forward. With so many tablets, e-readers, Kindles, books in physical form and books in electronic or audio format, it’s surprising that a very small part of the world’s population reads something today. And because there are so many modern libraries around the world, do not hesitate to join them if you have the opportunity and borrow a good book.

Even if we prefer to read something on the run from our phones, the whole physical format will truly delight us every time. And the glory of the Lord that the present society offers us so many possibilities.

Not only libraries can have an attractive design and new books or old editions of beautiful looks, and libraries around the world will always have charm and something special when it comes to fedeling readers.

Look at some of the most wonderful modern libraries in this world

  • Philological Library, Free University of Berlin, Germany

biblioteci moderne

biblioteci moderne

The one who created this sensational library thought that the most would like the readers a peaceful and peaceful place. But, and with a natural light that favors reading during the day. So, this architect figured someone stood by a tree and reading a good book under the fine rays of the sun. This ambiance also managed to create it in this library at the University of Berlin.

  • Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt

biblioteci moderne

biblioteci moderne

Nothing can bring back the value and grandeur of the former library in Alexandria. But now, there is another library that was built in 2002 by Norwegian architects. It has a unique and modern touch, reminding the exterior of the magnificent Louvre museum in Paris. Inside, however, there are Arabic and French libraries, 13 academic research centers and 15 permanent exhibitions. There’s even a planetarium here.

  • Library of Birmingham, United Kingdom

biblioteci moderne

biblioteci moderne

Birmingham has already had a huge library with more than a million visitors to its annual threshold. However, it was demolished to take its place from the current library with a distinct, modern form, built by Dutch architects. It has since become a popular meeting place from which the city can be admired. Now this book center sees more than 2 million visitors each year.

Source: bbc.com

Photo source: Pinterest



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